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Terms and Conditions


1.Read the Instruction for Online registration for VPN services.

2.The information provided in VPN application form is correct. The person as identified in Section 1 is authorised to access the servers mentioned in section 1.3.

3.The information provided in Section 1 and Section 2 are verified.

4.The user shall be responsible for the safety of the Digital Certificate, Private Key and VPN account password.

5.By not doing so (point no. 2 & 3 above) the account may be compromised by hackers and the hacker can misuse the same account. NIC is neither responsible nor accountable for any such misuse of the compromised VPN accounts.

6.The user/ reporting officer/ NIC web coordinator shall inform VPN support to disable the VPN account and revoke the DSC when the user is transferred / relieved from the division/ responsibility.

7.The VPN account shall be used only to accessing authorised servers/ resources .

8.The Digital Certificate issued from NIC VPN CA shall only be used for connecting NIC VPN services.

9.User shall not indulge in any unauthorized activity or attempt to gain unauthorized access to other NIC servers or resources.

10.User shall be responsible for the contents / data uploaded to the servers through VPN connection. NIC is not responsible for the contents that are being accessed / upload by the user.

I have read the dos and dont's and agree to abide by them.